With their first album Fogbound bring to mind a universe that fluctuates between the real and the imaginary, marrying the warmth of psych-pop to the attack of freakbeat. These ten songs make up a colourful, intimate collage that shows without doubt what Fogbound’s sound is and embodies the love they profess for the magical decade that was the Sixties.
The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Estudio Brazil (Madrid) by Javier Ortiz between September and November 2016. The album was crafted using 100% analogue techniques, analogue tools and recording methods, following in the footsteps of luminaries like Geoff Emerick and Norman Smith.
After selling out their three previous singles, two of them released by The John Colby Sect, Fogbound have become a cult band for record collectors. In parallel, their shows keep growing. In 2016, Fabio (vocals and guitar), Borja (bass), Fer(Hammond) and Pibli (drums), toured extensively in Italy and Spain, playing at festivals such as Barcelona Psych Festival, GetMAD Madrid and WOSINC in Santiago de Compostela among others.
Their music, an engaging blend of distorted guitars, hammond and swirling vocals, evokes bands like The Attack, Fleur de Lys or the Syd Barret-era of Pink Floyd.
Now avalaible the second press of their album!